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Quail Hollow West Homeowners Association

Board of Directors

Peter Rieke, President
Jerry Littlejohn, Vice President
Elizabeth White, Secretary
Richard Wood, Treasurer
Lee Gilman, At-large
David Lank, At-large
Greg Mapes, At-large
Tim Morgan, At-large
Eileen Griggs, At-large

Buildings & Infrastructure Committee

Tim Morgan - Chair
Peter Rieke
David Lank
Lee Gilman
Jerry Littlejohn

Other Infrastructure* 

Jerry Littlejohn - Chair
Peter Rieke
David Lank
Lee Gillman
Time Morgan

*Includes drainage, HOA water/sewer, pole lights, paving & fences/walls

Finance/Insurance Committee

Richard Wood - Chair
Tim Morgan
Peter Rieke
Jerry Littlejohn

ARC Liaison/Violations Committee

David Lank - Chair
Jerry Littlejohn
Peter Rieke
Greg Mapes

Landscaping Liaison Committee

David Lank - Chair 
Lee Gilman
Peter Rieke
Elizabeth White

Elizabeth White

Management Service Quality

Peter Rieke - Chair
Richard Wood
Tim Morgan
Greg Mapes
Jerry Littlejohn

Patio Homes Representatives
Building 1 - 2400-2406 Quail Lake - Dottie Randol
Building 2 - 2401-2407 Quail Lake - Virginia Gunsallus
Building 3 - 2415-2425 Quail Lake - Josye Taylor
Building 4 - 2416-2420 Quail Lake - 
Building 5 - 2424-2432 Quail Lake - 
Building 6 - 2431-2439 Quail Lake - Josye Taylor
Building 7 - 2501-2507 Quail Lake - Mable Lockwood
Building 8 - 2521-2529 Quail Lake - Ann Okey
Building 9 - 2535-2541 Quail Lake - Tissie Littlejohn
Townhomes Representatives
Building 1 - 7200-7214 Quail Meadow - Judy Ferguson
Building 2 - 7220-7230 Quail Meadow - Patti Falk
Building 3 - 7240-7254 Quail Meadow - Ann Collar
Building 4 - 7300-7314 Quail Meadow - Jeanne Trexler
Building 5 - 7320-7334 Quail Meadow - Donna Durbin
Building 6 - 7340-7354 Quail Meadow - Eileen Griggs

Quail Hollow West meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the clubhouse.

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