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Boards & Committees

QHHA Officers and Committees for 2017-2018

Board of Directors
Brigitte Norris, SFH, President
Cathy Deckerman, QHW, Vice President
Ann Vickers, QHS, Secretary
Diane Arent, QHS, Treasure
Alan Eakes, QHW, At-large
Tissie Littlejohn, QHW, At-large
Mark Matthews, QHE, At-large
Dorothy Randol, QHW, At-large
Casey Starnes, SFH, At-large

Architectural Review Committee
Ann Vickers, QHS (Co-Chair)
Brigitte Norris, SFH (Co-Chair)

Chuck Arent, QHS
Cathy Deckerman, QHW
Alan Eakes, QHW
Josye Taylor, QHW

Transition Committee
Brigitte Norris, SFH (Chair)
Chuck Arent, QHS
Cathy Deckerman, QHW
Dena Hurst, SFH
Jerry Littlejohn, QHW
Mark Matthews, QHE
Mark Meggison, QHW
Jayne Paulsen, QHE
Ann Vickers, QHS

Grounds/Landscaping Committee
Josye Taylor, QHW (Grounds Manager)
Brigitte Norris, SFH
Greg Mapes, QHW

Developer Liaison Team
Cathy Deckerman, QHW (Chair)
Diane Arent, QHS
Tricia Falk, QHW

Brigitte Norris, SFH
Ann Vickers, QHS

James Slaughter, Attorney

Community Liaison
Casey Starnes, SFH (Chair)
Mark Matthews, QHE

Pools & Tennis Courts Committee
Peggy Anderson, SFH (Manager)

Lakes Committee
Ann Vickers, QHS (Chair)

Social Committee
Tissie Littlejohn, QHW (Chair)
Peggy Anderson, SFH
Cathy Deckerman, QHW
Mable Lockwood, QHW
Zhanna Meggison, QHW
Dotty Randal, QHW
Josye Taylor, QHW

Clubhouse Committee
Peggy Anderson, SFH (Manager)


Ann Vickers, QHS

Quail Hollow Homeowners Association meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the Clubhouse.


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